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Blog Posts Distribution of Educational Content within LMS and Beyond
October 16, 2023
When creating digital education content, it is a good practice to make it compatible with major LMSs by using one of the widely used e-learning standards. The post helps to choose a suitable solution with minimal compromise.
Blog Posts Story of Deprecation and Positive Thinking in URLs Encoding
May 13, 2022
There is the saying, ‘If it works, don’t touch it!’ I like it, but sometimes changes could be requested by someone from the outside, and if it is Apple, we have to listen.
Blog Posts The Laws of Proximity and Common Region in UX Design
April 18, 2022
The Laws of Proximity and Common Region explain how people decide if an element is a part of a group and are especially helpful for interface designers.
Blog Posts Custom Segmented Control with System-like Interface in SwiftUI
March 31, 2022
Our goal today is to create a Segmented Control that accepts segments not as an array, but as views provided by the ViewBuilder. This is the same method that the standard Picker employs.
Blog Posts End-to-end: Go Fix It
March 10, 2022
Not that long ago, our testing processes got completely messed up. Our experience: how we analyzed the issue, looked for ways to solve it, and eventually dealt with it.
Blog Posts Business Rule Compiler Based on Expression Trees
February 09, 2022
In this article, I will tell you how we created the user notification feature and how we eventually built an expression-trees-based compiler that helped us successfully complete this task.
Blog Posts Exceptions among Exceptions in .NET
December 24, 2021
Exceptions in C# / .NET can behave differently. Not all of them, and not always, can be handled and intercepted. The article describes a collection of exceptions that 'beat' try-catch-finally pattern.
Blog Posts Accessible Component Design with Examples
December 13, 2021
Designer guide on ARIA attributes, focus order, and more. This information will come in handy if you design new components, test interfaces, or work with/as a front end engineer.
Blog Posts Developing SQL Query Testing System. Part 2
October 21, 2021
We developed a data layer testing framework to automate and simplify the process of testing complex SQL queries on a large project. Here is a short summary of results and changes.
Blog Posts Techniques for Handling Service Failures in Microservice Architectures
October 13, 2021
This article may be useful for those who have suffered from the instability of external APIs: what are the strategies for handling failures and which way we found to deal with the problem.
Blog Posts Secure Web Application Cheat Sheet
October 08, 2021
This article is intended as a cheat sheet for web developers. It describes some basic steps and measures to create a secure web application protected from the most widely spread threats.
Blog Posts How to Stop Getting Lost among Multiple Figma Mockups
August 20, 2021
In a large project, one does not only need to remember all mockup versions, but also store them in a file. The article tells about versioning tools in Figma.