Desk Booking System

Do you have some of your staff working remotely that just sometimes need a desk in the office? Adapt your space for hybrid work by allowing your employees to perform their tasks where they feel most comfortable.

Software Country Desk Booking System is a browser-based solution that helps your organisation manage desks more efficiently. The platform provides tools for a better employee experience, whether your team wants to work full-time in the office, remote, or a little bit of both.

Why choose Software Country Desk Booking System?

  • Streamline flexible working

    Your employees can decide which desks to book in real time depending on their weekly or daily needs

  • Improve collaboration

    Allow employees to choose where to have their desk each day to collaborate with different teammates

  • Maintain social distancing

    Data quality checks test whether data conform to a given requirement

  • Measure office demand

    Reduce time spent on manual processes, such as coding and mapping source data to target systems

Key Features

  • See real-time desk availability

    Your employees can search for available workspaces to find a resource that fits their criteria. Users can determine availability through colour coding and book workspaces right off the floor plan.

    See real-time desk availability
  • Find the best space for the day

    Choose the type of workspace that is right for your work needs and styles. As an example, you may prefer a table with two monitors or an empty seat near the window to have more space for planning or your own device.

    Find the best space for the day
  • Book a desk in advance or on-demand

    Through a visual floor plan, your members can browse, filter and book a desk for their needs. Notifications will be sent right away to inform them the booking was successful.

    Book a desk in advance or on-demand
  • Search for a teammate

    Even though your schedule and that of your co-workers may be different, our solution can help you come together. Use the system to search for teammates and find out where they are working from; this will make your collaboration easier and boost productivity.

    Search for a teammate

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