We offer business and technology consulting services for clients seeking to build exceptional software to fit their needs. Based on our experience in cutting-edge technologies and a long line of consultancy projects, we can help you review your ideas and design a solution with the right technologies.

When Do You Need Consulting Services?

You want to audit your product architecture, DevOps pipeline or development processes
You are looking for a piece of advice on architecting big data solutions or implementing ML into your products
You want to ideate your product and develop a prototype
You want to save money on hiring a permanent specialist

Our Software Consulting Services

UX/UI Design Consulting

We evaluate the usability of your software user interface and suggest improvements to streamline workflows for end-users. We can also document the principles of your product’s visual style in the form of a brand book and UI kit.

WCAG/Section 508 Accessibility Audit

We analyse your existing product or website and report any compliance issues together with recommendations on how to fix them. We are also happy to resolve the issues for you.

Big Data Consulting

We analyse your business needs and help you with configuring and maintaining data pipelines and ETL processes.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Consulting

Have you considered artificial intelligence to help you with routine work? Our data scientists can help you with the following machine learning tasks:
Creating classifications, predictions, computer vision and natural language processing algorithms.
Preparing and processing data
Developing computer vision models
Building and training machine learning models
Evaluating effectiveness and optimising models

DevOps Consulting

We can help you with improving your development process. Our DevOps engineers can evaluate what you have and suggest changes to improve efficiency and save costs. Our engineers do the following:
Audit infrastructure and development processes
Suggest the right flow
Guide and support the development team
Apply the DevSecOps process
Introduce IaC into the development process
Design and build a CI/CD pipeline
Introduce containerisation into the development process
Optimise infrastructure costs
Move the production system to a cloud

Industries We Serve

We have been successfully working in the following industries:

Education & E‑Learning
Healthcare & Life Sciences
Media & Entertainment
HR & Recruitment

Real Estate









Other Services

Team Augmentation

Expand your development capacity with skilled engineers who have experience in your business niche.

Custom Projects

Solve your unique business challenges by building a bespoke solution on time and within budget.