Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Software Country has been developing artificial intelligence (AI) competencies for 10+ years, and our data scientists have vast experience in designing and developing machine learning (ML) algorithms for classifications, predictions, computer visioning and natural language processing (NLP).

What is

Artificial Intelligence?

AI helps companies do more with less by automating manual and time-consuming tasks. AI is mostly used to extract new insights, transform decision making and drive improved business outcomes.

What is

Machine Learning?

ML is the scientific study of statistical models and algorithms that are helpful to computer systems in performing specific tasks. ML is an application of AI that helps systems to learn and improve from experience without being programmed.

Our Key Expertise

  • 1


    Topic modelling, feature extraction and document embeddings using various models (doc2vec, ULMFiT and BERT); document classification and clusterisation; similar text searches.

  • 2

    Computer Vision

    Image segmentation and classification using convolutional neural networks.

  • 3

    Drug Discovery

    Clustering molecular descriptors and predicting the biological activity of compounds.

  • 4


    Converting images of documents into editable formats using computer vision and deep neural networks.

Our Machine Learning Services

  • Prepare and process data

  • Develop computer vision models 

  • Build and train ML models

  • Evaluate effectiveness and optimise models

Technologies Our Data Scientists Use

ML Platforms

Programming Languages

Python Libraries

R Libraries

Featured Case Studies

Multitask Machine Learning

A solution maintaining multi-task learning, i.e. ability of the AI to solve several learning tasks at the same time.

Machine Learning Pipeline for Biochemistry

Creating machine learning algorithms to predict chemical compound activity and reduce the number of real experiments.

Computer Vision for Medicine

Assessing the feasibility of histology slides scoring automation; building a system assigning class labels to new biopsies.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Tasks

Employing NLP to discover present and emerging issues from free text data generated during internal audits.