Package & Delivery Framework

Package & Delivery Framework


Our customer is a Nordic market leader in human resource and financial resource management solutions serving over 12 000 clients in Nordic countries.


The customer’s software solutions exist since the 1990s and are gradually evolving. There are tens of program modules for HRM. Being quite complicated themselves, they become much more complex when aggregated into a suit. The suit can be installed in a number of environments with different operating systems and databases. Therefore, its packaging and delivery to numerous customers is a nontrivial task. Using common packaging tools requires too many manual adjustments from highly qualified consultants.


To make it easier, we developed a unique packaging toolkit which eliminates most of the manual adjustments, diminishes the probability of errors, and saves a lot of time for both developers and consultants.

The first tool is an additional framework for Install Shield that adds to it much more functionality, automates time-consuming manipulations, drastically reduces the time required for package creation, and decreases the probability of errors. Now all packaging within the customer's company is made with the tool.

The second tool is aimed at suit packaging simplification. The more modules it consists of, the more complex is the packaging and deployment on the customer’s environment. We developed an original approach to the integration of the components inside the suit. It takes into consideration all dependencies of the components from each other as well as from the given environment. Our suit-packaging tool enables installation in the cloud, silent mode installation, simultaneous installations of many instances on different servers, flexible upgrade procedures, etc.

Results / Benefits

These two new packaging tools make packaging, delivery, and deployment of the complex products much simpler, more controllable and less time-consuming. 


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