Mobile Scanner

Mobile Scanner


Our customer is one of the world's leading real estate companies with hundreds of offices and hundreds of thousands of active users.


The customer wanted to create a native iOS application that would allow scanning any image and easily converting it into black&white PDF document. It should include an OCR feature for text recognition using two languages — English and Spanish. Besides, the scanner application should be integrated with the customer’s electronic document management system.


The first step was designing a prototype that would take a picture and detect the edges of a white sheet of paper. Next phase was designing convenient UI controls and implementing all other features. Using open source libraries (Tesseract SDK and OpenCV framework) ensured efficient processing of images — detecting document corners, transforming to original proportions, recognizing the text on the image.

Implemented features:

  • Document corners detection and transformation to original proportions in the background.
  • Single-page document (the user immediately sees detected corners of the document).
  • Multi-page document (the user can take multiple photos at once, view and edit them in a convenient editor, and finally save all pages into one document).
  • Adding color markups on individual pages.
  • Rotating individual pages.
  • Adding pages to an existing document.
  • Merging existing documents into a single document.
  • Setting specific PDF page size for each document.
  • OCR of the whole page using “Extract Data” feature.
  • OCR of a selected region/zone on the page.
  • Viewing document pages in full-screen mode.
  • Getting small-sized PDF documents of high quality using black&white mode.
  • Saving images to Camera Roll.
  • Sending PDF documents to another app using “Open In” feature.
  • Creating and emailing documents in PDF, Searchable PDF or JPEG formats.
  • Organizing user's documents in folders.

Results / Benefits

Using this app, the customer significantly reduced expenses on creating PDF documents from arbitrary printed documents. Besides, the mobile scanner app allowed to extract the text easily from any printed document.


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