Medication Helper Apps

Medication Helper Apps


The customer is an IT company, which focuses on providing software solutions for the healthcare sector in the UK. Their clients are different divisions of NHS as well as private healthcare institutions.


Medications adherence is of major concern to the NHS, and to health services worldwide.  Estimates of non-adherence are in the 30-70% region and are roughly evenly split between intentional non-adherence and non-intentional non-adherence. The implications of this are significant: treatments are less effective, and escalations and complications are more common, leading to reduced health outcomes and additional treatment costs, often in additional hospitalisations.

Furthermore, greater doses and prescriptions are issued in an attempt to correct for poor patient progress. Finally, there is a significant wasted cost in drugs that are supplied but not taken.


Customer R&D team created an idea of the solution and Arcadia implemented it in code. The solution consists of two parts:

  1. Coach App – tackles intentional non-adherence by helping to establish motivation. Its use is episodic and may be initiated by the doctor, the pharmacist, or the patient himself. The Coach App is a training and motivational tool that the patient can use when they lack information, need to understand their condition or their medication better and learn how the medication is needed to support them while living with a long-term condition. The App includes approved content from NHS sources, pharmaceutical companies, and from the patient’s own supporting services.
  2. Routine App – tackles unintentional non-adherence by helping to establish a routine. Far more sophisticated then the many “reminder apps” that are already available and known through research to be ineffective, the Routine App incorporates the taking of medication into the patient’s own lifestyle.  It puts the patient in control over when they take their meds and associates this the natural events that take place in a patient’s normal routine; these are known from research to be largely mealtimes, go to work, come home, and sleep times. The App uses geofencing to understand where is the patient and reminds about medications gently.

Both apps are hybrid ones, built with Ionic/PhoneGap framework. Both apps are available for iOS and Android.

A lot of attention was paid to security and data privacy: any information related to patient and their health is strongly encrypted and removed immediately after it is not needed anymore.

Results / Benefits

The apps have been used by a focus group of 200 patients. Now their feedback is collected and corresponding improvements in the app are planned. With the next version, the Customer is going to deploy the apps national-wide in the UK.



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