Flash to HTML5 Conversion

Flash to HTML5 Conversion


Our customer is an independently owned, client-driven company working with some of the largest international awarding, professional and government bodies to offer a complete range of e-Assessment services from consultancy to testing and custom development. They created one of the most comprehensive and secure solutions which benefits and improves the educational process for the end users. Actively developing, the product has expanded from being purely an e-Assessment system to a full computer-based assessment platform: from content creation, to roll out to students, and through to the secure collection of results.


To provide users with a possibility to create the most expressive and animated content to enrich their exams, the majority of the customer’s product modules were traditionally based on Adobe Flash. The benefit of interactive design and motion graphic animation was obvious, although not every part of the system required exactly that. With platforms and devices evolving at a lightning speed, our customer was aiming to reach out to the most extensive audience possible and thus decided to convert one of the system parts from Flash to HTML5.

It was also vital that, although the newly implemented application was able to function as a standalone product, it should be capable of integrating with existing systems that might want to take advantage of its functionality as part of a larger workflow process.


First of all, there was a big piece of work done to analyze existing business flows and data structures in aim to reuse main pieces of the core logic while having some of them significantly improved. A great volume of unit tests provided a good coverage and ensured that none of the existing workflows was left unseen.

In parallel with business logic improvements, the web application development was launched. Based on ASP.NET MVC framework, easily maintainable and flexible, it also met most of the client requirements of being cross-browser and cross-device. The new application uses HTML5 markup and, unlike the Flash version, is fully usable on devices running iOS and Android. In terms of global redesign, there were many functional improvements done to the product interface. Responsive web design was also one of the achievements.

Speaking of common workflow, smooth web services-based integration with the other parts of the system was also implemented, thus providing a good way of the whole platform working cooperatively. The quality of the communications was ensured by an extended set of integration tests.

The project was performing on Arcadia's side with the сustomer being involved in design process and clarification of requirements. Effective communication level was achieved between developers from the сustomer’s side and Arcadia, which let us work as one team and solve issues timely.

Results / Benefits

Getting this project successfully started by our team, the сustomer made a huge step forward moving the whole platform towards new technologies and thus achieving absolutely new level of markets. Our collaboration is still evolving, and the product is still being improved and extended with many new features, which acknowledges the importance of the whole project.


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