Top Five Trends in Software Development

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With innovation and quick advances in the IT sector at the forefront of growth and stability in a rapidly changing market, companies from healthcare to eLearning and from pharmaceutical to finance domains are motivated to keep up with the latest trends in software development.

Whilst overall IT spending worldwide according to Gartner's 2018 report is predicted to grow by 3.2% in 2019, software development is leading the pack with a forecasted growth of 8.3%. The estimated $439 billion spend in software development is encouraging developers to keep innovating and to keep coming up with new trends to capture the demand and significant opportunity in the market. 

So what are the most important trends to invest in? Dmitri Adov, Technical Director of Software Country—a multi-million-pound custom software development company working extensively with Fortune 500 companies designing and developing software for digitization, analytics, big data, reporting and AI—considers these to be the big winners in 2019:

  1. AI & machine learning
    Artificial Intelligence uses human-like intelligent thinking to solve problems and to recognise patterns, only more efficiently than an individual, creating powerful technology for big data.
  2. UX
    The data-driven user experience that we know is bringing us more storytelling based strategies, to create memorable user journeys and products that consumers can relate to.
  3. Mobile
    Already the top way we browse, game and communicate. Mobile commerce will lead the growth with mobile apps as the first touch point for retailers to engage, supported by location-based tech and beacons, also used for in-home automation.
  4. Analytics & reporting
    Streamlined and predictive visual analytics and reporting are helping companies to view data at a glance and to make smarter decisions.
  5. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
    The benefits of PWA's as responsive Apps are offline connectivity, speed, ability to be used on any browser and for any device. Increasingly on the wish list of users.

So whether your business is in education, banking or eCommerce, embracing change and adapting to new technologies could be a make-or-break decision.

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