Software Country Drives the Growing Trend in Fitness Wearables Apps

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Healthcare sector is now increasing the wearables market share as it is taking advantage of the custom app technology such as the fitness tracker bracelet software elements developed by Software Country.

Where fitness tracking bracelets have traditionally been seen as mainly personal exercise helpers that often get abandoned after being used only a few times or as something to enhance brand experiences, technology in the healthcare industry is now introducing a new set of motivators that is driving a strong growth for the wearables sector.

eMarketer, Business Insider Intelligence publication, reports that in the US only wearables market now stands at USD 56.7 million with nearly 25% of the population owning a wearable. In the past 3 years, the rate of increase stands at 11%, with a further projected uplift in the next 2 years mainly as a result of the older population adapting to app technology through healthcare.

Once the fashionable fitness accessory, fitness tracker apps have become something that can potentially be life-saving and reduce serious complications as more and more hospitals and healthcare practitioners are using them to evaluate, motivate and track individual patients before and after treatment in aiding the journey to good health.

American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) confirms the trend as it lists a number of fitness apps anything from gaming based to charity linked ones that are used to get patients back into exercise as part of rehabilitation.

Software Country, known for its long-standing work within the healthcare sector designing and building high-load secure web solutions for digitisation, analytics, big data, reporting and AI, recently developed a bespoke fitness bracelet app for an IT company providing software solutions for the NHS and private healthcare institutions in the UK and abroad.

We developed and implemented Android and iOS mobile applications for a medical-grade tracking bracelet that gathers activity information that clinicians can then review for decision-making in a web-based user interface. As always security and data privacy were the main focus to protect sensitive patient data,’ Dmitri Adov, Technical Director stated.

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