Software Country Stresses the Importance of Distance Learning

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During these uncertain times, people all around the world are encouraged or required to work from home. Similarly, with schools being widely closed for safety reasons, students alike are required to work in remote mode using distance learning platforms.

The trend is growing as seen just last week when education technology providers in Finland started offering free educational tools for distance learning amidst the COVID-19 epidemic.

Software Country is a proven leader in e-learning and digital assessments solutions, designing and building custom virtual learning environments used in all level of education, from primary schools to universities.

Software Country's digital tools are supporting distance learning for all ages. We work with world's leading learning platform providers with the aim of helping to produce engaging and valuable apps that benefit both the teachers and the students,’ explains Dmitri Adov, Technical Director at Software Country.

Some of our work includes improving current education technology platforms by scaling up the performance to accommodate a growing number of users, providing responsive web design to enable usage on mobile devices and incorporating collaboration tools that support the communication between teachers and students.

With home schooling and distance learning the challenge is often to keep users engaged and motivated so the addition of digital tools such as internal chats, video chats and discussion boards is an easy but effective way to maintain successful learning and top of the line results. We also build in accessibility features as required by Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 AA level both in Europe and in the UK, for all people with disabilities so nobody gets left behind.

The visual reporting tools we design and build make sure that teachers have access to instant easy to digest snapshots of students performance and frees them from labour intensive manual analysis.

Studying from home is now the norm that e-learning web solutions are well placed to facilitate.

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