Software Country at LearnTec 2020—LTI and OneRoster Standards Took the Center Stage

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As an international leader in e-learning custom solutions, we presented our experience in integrating LTI and OneRoster standards for learning management systems at LearnTec in Karlsruhe, Germany in January 2020.

Hailed as one of the top LMS trends in 2020 by John Leh, CEO and Lead Analyst at Talented Learning, learning tools interoperability (LTI) shows strong promise as ‘it doesn’t require content to reside on the same server as an LMS. This gives B2B content sellers the opportunity to maintain content in a central location, and serve it on-demand to any LTI-compliant LMS upon request. For training content providers, this approach is logistically far superior to sending a file to customers who must load it on their LMS and then update it on an ongoing basis.’

This also means that if your LMS implements the standards, you are not vendor-locked, and you can use a massive amount of learning content from different vendors. Here Software Country has solid expertise.

Our long-standing proficiency and relationships with top digital educational organizations allows us to thoroughly understand the day-to-day LMS challenges and the importance of following LTI, xAPI, SCORM, QTI standards,’ explains Dmitri Adov, Technical Director at Software Country.

When one of our customers wanted to improve their LMS capabilities, we implemented LTI services infrastructure to be able to run LTI elements in the customer's LMS and to import QTI (Question and Test Interoperability), assessments, assignments and web pages, from hundreds of packages from different LMS and data vendors. The secure integration between the learning platform and tools meant that assignments and grade services are now seamlessly synced.

To streamline rostering, course setup, and grade reporting, we implemented OneRoster for REST API and CSV integrations, an easy-to-use data exchange between an institution’s student information systems and digital tools. Optimization of LMS database structure now allows to handle big amount of incoming data with all customer's business requirements. For the end users, teachers and administrators, this eliminates manual inputting of data and prevents errors that affect using online resources in the classroom.’

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