Software Country Reveals the Tech Secret Behind Finland's Top-notch Education

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Finland has held the unofficial title as the country with the world's best education system since 2000. The repeated success in rankings by The Global Education Report, which uses data that comes from six international educational monitoring organizations, confirms this title, with the small Nordic country ranked again number one in 2017.

With the £6.18billion that global investors staked in EdTech companies in the first 10 months of 2017, the future for education is looking bright. For Dmitri Adov, Technical Director at Software Country—who works extensively with Fortune 500 companies designing and building custom software—the message is clear.

We started working with EdTech customers 12 years ago and the trend of growth of digitalisation in this area is very clearly visible. I think the key factor of the growth is that computers are not rare animals in schools any more and, what is even more important, tablets and handsets are powerful, useful, cheap and widely available. e-Learning and e-Assessment are the biggest and fastest growing sectors for us (21% YoY growth), in terms of not only revenue but also innovation.’

The tech innovation that Finland is known for is now becoming the next big reason and a game changer. School Day, a Finnish EdTech company that recently struck a collaboration with Software Country, has captured the need for streamlined analytics in their Smart School Administration platform. With predictive analytics and visualisation of data, teachers are able to lead smarter and provide parents with more than a test result on a piece of paper.

‘Digital solutions and new learning methods are the keys in the renewing school environment. The best learning outcomes are made possible by creating a strong communion between a student, teachers, school, and parents. Wellbeing and knowledge are key factors in understanding and creating better learning and better learning outcomes,’ says Kari Kasanen, Chairman of the Board at School Day and a serial training entrepreneur.

The School Day Wellbeing App enables positive interaction that will help everybody in the school community to feel motivated and to realise their full potential via wellbeing surveys, feedback and class chats. In hopes of fading social exclusion, marginalisation and alienation from society.

Technology meets humanity. That's topnotch.

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