Trip and Expenses application

Travel, HR & Recruitment
Application Development, UI/UX Design
.NET, C++

Our client is a large software house providing HRM and FRM solutions on the Nordic market. Its clients include private businesses in all Nordic countries, public sector organisations in Finland and Sweden, and accounting companies in Finland and Norway. The biggest client has 50 000 active users.

All of them have slightly different requirements; that makes the product quite flexible.

Business Challenge

Trips and Expenses product was a system for real-time reporting of business trips. It had been working for many years; the earliest version was a Windows client created in the 1990s. The first versions were created using C++ with MFC framework.

As the number of clients and users increased, they demanded more and more features. Users wanted modern web UI instead of Windows client. To satisfy the market needs, the customer decided to re-engineer Trips and Expenses and make it a web application with first-class UX comprising hottest user features.

The critical requirements included compatibility with previous versions on data level and smooth experience for end users.


To reach the goals, we proposed to perform the project in several major phases. The first phase was to convert the codebase from С++ to .NET.

The second phase was to improve usability and satisfy customers’ requirements. We decided to completely renovate some “huge” functionalities, such as voucher creation wizard. We created new flows for various kinds of users (such as regular employee, approver, cashier, and assistant). We defined necessary functions of different user groups and their correlations. Besides, we implemented a new reporting system based on Crystal Reports. At the end of this phase, the product was available for users.

The focus of later stages was continuous improvements of the product.

The project was carried out by a distributed team of developers and testers from both Software Country's and the client's sides. 

Results & Benefits

Outsourcing a significant part of software development to an offshore partner helped the customer to concentrate on its business goals, ensured fast company growth and high ROI ratio. As a bonus, working in a distributed team with Software Country led to significant improvements in software development processes inside the customer’s organization.

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