Time Scheduling System

HR & Recruitment
Application Development, UI/UX Design
.NET, Angular, HTML5, C++, ASP.NET , SQL Server, Oracle

Our client is a global provider of an ERP system that simplifies and digitises business processes in both the public and private Nordic sectors. The company has over 12,000 customers and employs more than 1,300 people.

Business Challenge

Developed over 15 years ago, the system eventually failed to meet customer’s expectations. It had unstable performance and required a more user-friendly interface. To achieve a better user experience, the client was looking to modify the UX for optimal performance and extend the platform’s functionality. Software Country had been chosen as a reliable partner to develop a new web application based on modern technologies.


We started cooperating with the client by carrying out a thorough UX/UI audit of the platform to evaluate the scope of rework required. The next step was to create prototypes. We used personas and scenarios to obtain a better understanding of the target audience (i.e., managers, accountants, HR managers and employees).

Here is an example of a persona and scenario we defined:


Entering a new activity

Entering a new activity

Entering a new activity

We showed these types of scenarios to doctors in Malmö, who were active users of the app. Based on their feedback, we improved the basic prototypes and initiated the implementation process. 

Results & Benefits

We were fully responsible for the UX design, graphical design, implementation, testing, and deployment of the application. The fundamental redesign allowed users to keep all the information they need in one place and made their work routines much easier. Moreover, the updated solution helped the client extend the application’s scope and therefore find new customers.

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