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Our customer is an independently owned, client-driven company working with some of the largest international awarding, professional and government bodies to offer a complete range of e-Assessment services from consultancy to testing and custom development. They created one of the most comprehensive, secure and innovative solutions in the area which benefits and improves the educational process for the end users.

Business Challenge

For many years, our customer has been focusing on improving all aspects of e-assessment process, starting from exams content creation up to measuring and analyzing test results. One of the most important goals has always been moving forward from on-paper exam solutions to more modern assessment using on-screen tests and developing on-screen marking functionality. Considering the continuous evolution of technologies and modern devices, some time ago the product needed upgrading. In particular, it required more up-to-date, flexible and accessible web interfaces that can be used on mobile devices as well as on desktop, coming along with a perfect integration with the existing system modules, which are essentially developed with many new features as well.


As a first step, we designed a new application model for the product modules that needed changes as a first priority. We also implemented a smooth web services-based integration with the other parts of the system, thus providing a good way of the whole platform working cooperatively.

Other than user experience improvements, we added and/or improved assessments-related and other features:

  • high-volume marking
  • item-level marking
  • better monitoring of marking process quality
  • advanced roles management system
  • enhanced reporting and analytics tools
  • product editions system — focusing on more specific and narrow client needs with significantly lower costs
  • more flexible and safe deployment and update procedures
  • and other.

The project is performing in a distributed development team (Software Country + customer's in-house team) using Agile approach and SCRUM management framework.

Results & Benefits

Outsourcing a significant part of software development to offshore partner helped the customer to concentrate on its business goals, ensured fast company growth and high ROI ratio. There was also a bonus: significant progress in establishing an effective software development process within the customer’s organization, which is natural when working with software development vendor in a distributed team.

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