Clinician Frontend Application

Healthcare & Life Sciences
Application Development
Angular, Node.js

The customer is an IT company, which focuses on providing software solutions for the healthcare sector in the UK. Their clients are different divisions of NHS as well as private healthcare institutions

Business Challenge

Seven out of ten hospital beds across Europe are occupied by people with chronic long-term conditions.  The new smart, adaptive, integrated care system for chronic care management can save European healthcare organisations a huge amount of money whilst improving patient outcomes. Such system should provide decision support for the adaptive management of personalised clinical pathways and will deliver tools to monitor patients' activities and status, thus empowering them and providing them with recommendations to self-manage their condition, resulting in substantial improvements in their quality of life.


The customer is working on the system together with several other companies. Customer's role was to design and implement the rich clinician-facing UI for the system. Implementation of this front-end application was handled by Software Country.

The application provides a sophisticated UI for clinicians to work with backend which incorporates extended functionalities for case modeling and execution specifically tailored to the healthcare domain. The system is aimed at automating workflow at hospitals while providing a great degree of transparency to all medical processes. The front-end app enables clinicians to enter all required information for the patient and patient's treatment, and view relevant medical tests data and other data gathered by medical devices like movement sensors, blood pressure monitors, etc.

The front-end application for clinicians is a single page application implemented with Angular 2 framework.

Security and data privacy was the main focus during development because the application handles sensitive data related to patients and their health. The data exchange channel with backend is encrypted and all data is being discarded on the client when the session ends or when it is not needed anymore.

Results & Benefits

The system was successfully demoed to a focus group of clinicians and is going to start the integration phase where it will be set up and used in test mode at several hospitals across Europe and in Israel.

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