Vocational Education App

Vocational Education App


Our customer is a leading UK vocational education company with many offices worldwide and tens of thousands of users. 


The customer’s Vocational Education web portal had existed for many years. The web portal had been actively used by the customer’s employees and users. Besides this web portal, the customer has developed a mobile app for iPhone and iPad. This app could be very useful when employees were working outside the office. They needed to record some important information from their users: text notes, audio records, photo or video. When they came back to the office and their devices were connecting to the internet, all this recorded information was synchronised with the server.

Unfortunately, there was a lot of negative feedback from the users of the app — some pages were not usable, in many cases the app crashed, important information was lost during synchronisation.

That is why the customer decided to use our expertise in mobile development and perform stabilisation of the existing app. The focus was set to not only solve immediate issues but also improve maintainability of the code so that it would be easier to make changes to the app's functionality in future.


The first step was investigating documentation and source code of the app. We located the weak points in the application that were the root cause of the most errors. After such investigation, we decided to leave the current data model, but network controller that was getting and posting information to web service was rewritten from scratch. Applying modern UI patterns, we were able to solve many layout problems. After such refactoring, the application became much more stable and easier to support.

We have also improved “Offline Login” feature — it was extended to support multiple users.

During daily scrum meetings we were regularly getting feedback from the customer. This helped us to understand how this application should work. Besides, we paid more attention to the features that were most important. 

Results / Benefits

Outsourcing significant part of software development to an offshore partner helped the customer to concentrate on its business goals. Using our expertise in mobile app development, the customer could significantly improve the app that became much more stable, user-friendly, and responsive to user actions.

Now the stabilized app is available in AppStore and it is getting good feedback from the users.



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