Market Indices Publication System

Market Indices Publication System


Our client is an information agency specializing in finance, banking, and investment industry.


The customer runs a significant number of websites providing the subscribers with up-to-date information about global markets. As the demand for the source of information concerning benchmark market indices and investment strategy indices was high, the customer decided to create a brand new web application that could provide such data on all platforms, particularly mobiles. This web application had to be flexible, easy to use and operational on any device and in any browser.


The new solution needed careful and thoughtful development and testing. The development was performed using .NET technology; Sitecore 6.6 was used as content management system. Both functional and non-functional (security, performance, cross-platform) testing was performed; some of the test scenarios were covered with automated tests on C# (using Selenium WebDriver). Our team worked using Scrum process with 2-week sprints.

After two releases, the new flexible, fast-performing and easy-to-use web application went live.

Results / Benefits

Outsourcing a significant part of software development to an offshore partner helped the customer to concentrate on its business goals. Our full responsibility for the high quality of the product provided and the effective communication with remote teams on customer’s side ensured that the web application going live complied with the demands of the customer’s subscribers who are now using the Indices site worldwide.


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