Software Country at eAssessment Question 2017

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Software Country participated in eAssessment Question 2017 on March 22-23, 2017 in London. Oksana Uvarova, Delivery Director in Software Country, and Dmitri Adov, our Technical Director, made a workshop and a presentation. Here are the main theses of their talks.

Workshop ‘Fast Track for Your Solution’

Your eAssessment solution has to be delivered to clients as soon as possible. One way to achieve it is to increase development team to tens of people, so it cannot be one team anymore—the big team has to be divided into many smaller teams. In this session, Oksana and Dmitri told how to manage this process so that ten teams follow the common target and deliver on time and with quality.

Presentation ‘Outsourcing of Software Development—Myths’

There are a number of myths related to software development outsourcing. Some of them might be true, some not. In this workshop, Oksana and Dmitri discussed with the audience where outsourcing fits and where not; how to manage outsourcing partnership and what to expect from this type of cooperation.

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