Software Country at eAssessment Question 2016

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Software Country participated in e-Assessment Question 2016 conference in London. Oksana Uvarova and Dmitri Adov spoke of quality assurance best practices in e-assessment solutions development.


The goal of the annual eAssessment Question conference is to examine how the tools, techniques and technologies of eAssessment can respond to the challenges of the world we live in. From all sides the pressure is on to provide cost effective, robust and secure assessment for learning, examinations and qualifications.

This year, the 14th conference gathered experts not only from the UK, but also from Austria, Norway, New Zealand and Russia. The main idea ‘in the air’ was anticipation: when all exams in the UK will become electronic, not using paper forms? Many presentations were dedicated to quality improvement in awarding body organisations. Oksana and Dmitri added a view of the technical aspect of the issue: they spoke of quality assurance in software development, test automation, the testing process in Scrum, personal responsibility of every developer for product quality, etc. The presentation received a positive feedback.

Software Country has already participated in the conference before. As usual, we had a number of nice discussions with other companies presented on the event. We hope for establishing a cooperation with some of them in the future.


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