Software Country at E-ATP 2023

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Software Country participated in European Association of Test Publishers (E-ATP) Conference  2023—the largest assessment-focused community event in Europe. The event took place in the picturesque city of Vienna. 

The most discussed trend of the event was using AI for various purposes. Possibility to automatically generate learning content (texts, pictures, test questions) goes along with some complications when students can use the AI for cheating. Still, there is no doubt that AI is already here, and the answers to “Ally or Nemesis? Blessing or Curse?" (these are some questions from the event's programme) to great extent depend on us.

Software Country's e-learning experience includes building various e-assessment systems: exam platforms, psychometric testing, adaptive testing, game-based tests and more. Besides, we have realized a number of successful projects with AI, including a question generator helping teachers create tests.

It was a great pleasure to meet some of our existing clients during the event as well as discuss some new opportunities.

Software Country's stand at E-ATP 2023

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