Software Country Launched its Own Product—Perseus

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Software Country launched Perseus, a low code tool for converting healthcare data to OMOP Common Data Model. It makes data conversions cheaper and faster without loss in quality.

Researchers and clinicists from different areas of healthcare run into the same problem: lots of data from disparate observational databases, which need a lot of efforts to become analysable. The problem of existing various data formats and vocabularies was partially solved, when the Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership (OMOP) created a Common Data Model (CDM). It helps to organise disparate data sources into the same relational database design.

But having a common data standard is only part of the solution. The other one is still there: the data needs to be converted to CDM format before it can be used for analysis. This process is often difficult and requires strong technical knowledge and domain expertise. And this is where Perseus can help out.

Perseus is a software solution that simplifies CDM conversion by providing a flexible and easy-to-use visual environment. It supports the whole process of data conversion: pre-processing, mapping, conversion and export of the results for offline review and further analysis.

We're proud to announce that Perseus was nominated for the OHDSI Titan Awards 2021. The award recognises extraordinary contributions in development in analytical methods for clinical characterisation, population-level effect estimation, or patient-level prediction. The winners will be announced on September 15. Wish us luck and keep your fingers crossed!

We would love to show you Perseus in action!

See more details and product features; contacts us to coordinate a demo time with our expert.

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