Senior Python Developer


We have 30 years of expertise in designing and building custom software systems. We provide software development services focusing on complex high-load applications, AI and BI solutions, and mobile apps.

We are seeking for a Senior Python developer with extensive experience in development and strong knowledge. Candidate should have prior experience with at least some of Python backend stack, such as Flask, FastAPI or aiohttp, gunicorn, uvicorn or uwsgi, nginx.
Additionally, candidates should have experience with Amazon services, such as EC2, ECS, S3.
Preferrably canditates should be familiar with Slurm and SGE in HPC applications.

You will work on a project where we are doing molecular dynamics (MD) simulation and free energy perturbation (FEP) calculations. Initial data is obtained by an X-ray crystallography process.


  • strong knowledge of Python is required. Ability to write high-quality code. Knowledge of multiprocessing;

  • basic familiarity with Amazon services, such as EC2 and S3, ECS;

  • basic familiarity with Docker and Conda;

  • basic familiarity with Slurm, SGE;

  • familiarity with Python back end, such as Flask/FastApi/aiohtpp + Gunicorn;

  • familiarity with message brokers, such as Python RabbitMQ + Dramatiq/Celery is a plus;

  • familiarity with Airflow is an advantage;

  • familiarity with PMX, Gromacs, OpenMM, RDKit, Schrodinger packages is an advantage;

  • if you have worked in molecular dynamics field in the past, this is also an advantage.

Our offer as your future employer:

  • official registration;
  • flexible work schedule;
  • possibility to work remotely;
  • opportunities for professional growth.
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