Wallpaper Preview Application

Wallpaper Preview Application


Our customer is a company with large experience in wallpaper manufacturing and distribution. 


The customer wanted to create a new web application which would help to sell more wallpapers through the Internet. The idea was to demonstrate wallpapers in realistic interiors in a web browser. A user should have the ability to apply any wallpaper to any wall on the interior. Wallpapers should look realistic considering scale and perspective. The service should be available in two versions: as a standalone website and as an embeddable widget. The application should work correctly on tablets and mobile devices.


The server side is implemented on ASP.NET MVC framework. The data is stored in SQL Server database. Entity Framework is used as the ORM solution. On the client side, we have AngularJS and Bootstrap.

The main challenge was to implement realistic 3D effect when demonstrating wallpapers. We’ve considered following approaches: WebGL library, CSS 3D transforms and HTML5 canvas. We’ve chosen HTML5 canvas approach since it has the best mobile device compatibility.

The application has an admin part where interiors and wallpaper collections can be loaded and configured. Also, there is an iFrame version of demonstration widget which can be embedded to third-party sites.

Results / Benefits

The application was released on the internet, and the customer has several clients using the application within their e-commerce solutions.



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