Soft Skills Education Platform for Teenagers

Soft Skills Education Platform for Teenagers


Our customer is a leading vocational education company in the UK and one of the oldest certifying syndicates with offices worldwide.


The portal existed since 2014 as a pilot project and needed significant upgrade and improvement before being represented to the public. Particularly, the main needs were:

  • Improving content management to provide learners with new types of content (SCORM, fillable PDFs)
  • Providing integration with other services and platforms (Walled Garden, Learning Locker, Vimeo)
  • Adding license management so that learners could get a vocational qualification after completing learning soft skills on the portal
  • Enhanced learner’s journey with skills diagnostics and welcome content explaining what to do with the website
  • Improving bulk user operations and performance due to prepare for the future growth of the number of users
  • Creating reporting and analytics tools to provide tutors with the info about learners’ progress.


The first step was investigating documentation, the source code of the portal and the stories in the tracker. We had to find and fix errors and implement new features — all at once. Also, we performed upgrade to the latest version of PHP and new framework (Laravel) and provided refactoring that made the code more stable and easier to support.

Besides, we performed some load and penetration testing that helped us to find and fix weak points and improve security and performance.

Both user experience and admin part of the portal were improved. Features added and/or enhanced:

  • License management and models
  • Bulk user management operations
  • Mozilla Open Badges
  • API functionality
  • Integration with Walled Garden, Learning Locker
  • Improved Content Management System
  • Integration with Vimeo
  • User notification and message functions
  • Improved learner’s journey
  • Improved performance due to constantly growing number of users
  • Improved security based on penetration testing results
  • Upgraded user roles system
  • Enhanced reporting and analytics tools
  • And much more.

During daily scrum meetings, we regularly got feedback from the сustomer. This helped us to understand how the portal should work. Also, we paid more attention to the features that were most important.

Results / Benefits

The project is no longer a pilot, the number of users increased rapidly; now it has tens of thousands of users.

We have enhanced the user experience, improved administration and reporting, realised integration with three external platforms, added notification system and made user’s journey across the site easy and clear by adding welcomes, such as intro video and skills diagnostics.


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