One Stop Shop

One Stop Shop


Our customer is a leading vocational education company in the UK with many offices worldwide and tens of thousands of users.


The website existed since 2014 as a pilot project. It provided an online repository for sharing teaching and learning content that can be downloaded and re-used across the sector.

The project needed to be significantly upgraded and improved before being represented to the public. Particularly, the main needs were:

  • Improving presentation of existing vendors (implementing different kinds of views)
  • Improving subject and vendor search
  • Modifying vendor’s page (applying a unified visual style)
  • Providing important functions on “My Wishlist” page
  • Modifying the Checkout process (billing information, payment, generating PDF receipt)
  • Improving “My Profile” page (user info, seller info, messages).


As a first step, we improved all main pages on the website to make it easier and more comprehensible. We fixed a lot of errors, changed the design and redesigned some pages. In addition, we performed some load and penetration testing that helped us to find and fix weak points and improve security and performance.

We upgraded many functions and added some new features:

  • Implemented new version of vendor’s page
  • Changed scheme and logo colour
  • Improved presentation of vendor’s visualization
  • Unified the style of vendors’ pages
  • Redesigned “My Wishlist” page
  • Added useful functions on “My Wishlist” page
  • Added paging for purchased content
  • Added possibility to preview/download sample content
  • Modified “Search” page
  • Improved “My Basket”, added automatic recalculation of total price
  • Redesigned Checkout process to a wizard
  • Fixed a lot of issues.

During daily scrum meetings, we regularly got feedback from the customer. This helped us to understand how the portal should work. Also, we paid more attention to the features that were most important.

Results / Benefits

The website became much more user-friendly and easy to use. It provides a lot of new useful features to make purchase process quicker.

A lot of blockers were fixed. The website has become much more stable and reliable.



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