Java Web Application Framework

Java Web Application Framework


Our customer is a software development company specializing in Java-based business applications, with over 90 people and offices in Finland, Germany and the US. Its services include training courses, user interface design, proof of concept, project kick-start, theme design, scalability assessment, and quality review. Its products and services are used by thousands of companies all over the world for creating compelling and user-friendly web applications.


The сustomer offers Java server-side framework for building modern web applications, which work on all devices out of the box. It is based on GWT and HTML5 and comes packed with customizable components for every use-case. These components look good on all browsers and devices. There are also plugins for almost every IDE for every OS. The 1st version of the framework was built in the year 2001.

The сustomer's business is growing. More and more clients are using the framework for their needs and requesting for additional features. Therefore, the framework needs constant development and improvements.

An important part of the сustomer's business is development of custom web applications based on own framework for various well-known companies.


Arcadia team worked as a part of the сustomer's development team. At the first stage of cooperation, we took part in the framework maintenance, namely:

  • Fixed different UI, logic and performance issues in the core of the framework
  • Implemented new features
  • Tested the framework and its plugins

The main issue in the maintenance of such a large complex product was possible quality degradation. In order to support high level of product quality, every patch (to fix some problem or to add some additional functionality) contains also Selenium based automatic test that should be passed for all primary browsers. If patched code passes all auto tests, the next step is code review. After code review and related updates, the patch with the additional auto test is merged into dev branch.

On a later stage, Arcadia's team participated in the development of some software products for the customer’s clients where the framework was used. The main challenge was in strict adherence to the terms and requirements. The team coped with it thanks to a good knowledge of the framework.

In addition, several add-ons were created for sharing with other developers from open source community.

Along with development, the team also participated in testing of the customer’s products. It was required to test every use case on all primary devices/browsers to be sure that all core functionality works as stated. A wide spectrum of devices was used: different smartphones, tablets and virtual machines with different browsers.

To organize work, we used collaborations tools, such as Gerrit Code Review and Trac System.

Results / Benefits

Our team has contributed to the framework by making it more stable and functional, has tested some customer’s features and plugins from the developer's point of view. The team has also implemented several projects for external clients using customer’s technologies.

Outsourcing of significant part of software development to Arcadia allowed our customer to respond to market demands promptly and flexibly and optimize utilization of its internal resources


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