High stakes exams

High stakes exams


Our customer is one of the world's leading learning platform providers with many active users worldwide. The platform is used in all levels of education, from primary schools to universities, helping teachers make education more inspiring and valuable for today’s students. User feedback heavily drives the development, so high user adaptation and satisfaction has been achieved. 


The learning platform allows creating/taking tests. Such tests support assessments and sometimes they can be used for important exams. However, the problem was that even sitting in a special classroom, the students could use computer resources to be able to find correct answers for the test they are taking. For example, they could open a new tab in the browser (or even a new browser) and search for the answer using the internet. In addition, they could chat with other people using email or some communication applications from the computer. Therefore, the challenge was to prohibit any actions on the computer except those allowed during taking the exam.


A third-party component “Respondus LockDown Browser” has been integrated into the system of taking tests. The component consists of a special browser that can be launched from a regular browser to open a web page. That browser blocks any actions on the computer except browsing the opened page. It is possible to define an action (for instance click on “Complete test” button) that will return the user back to the regular browser. The component is quite easy to integrate with and has many flexible options to adjust actions available during browsing web pages.

Results / Benefits

The implemented solution made the existing tests functionality more secure and applicable to use it for important tests, such as final exams. As a result, it expanded the target audience of end users of the learning platform.


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