GPS Multi-Protocol Adapter

GPS Multi-Protocol Adapter


Our customer is a software development company that offers an array of proven GPS tracking, transport management, and other solutions based on GPS and GSM/GPRS technologies.


The platform supports a great number of various devices and external systems for GPS tracking. However, the number of these devices and protocols is growing every month. To support communication based on a new protocol, the client needed a plugin for the platform.


To reach the goal, we developed the plugin. It provides two-way communication and management of the external system. We implemented three modules for the plugin:

  • Client part: to parse incoming messages
  • Server part: to send messages to external system
  • UI part: to manage the external system.

Results / Benefits

The developed plugin supports an additional set of protocols and possibility of getting data from different external devices produced by third-party companies. It has helped the customer to get more clients and, as a result, increase sales of the software.


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