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This is Arcadia’s own initiative.

DoubleT for KHL on the AppStore.


Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) is a big thing in Russia, and there are many fans following different clubs. The best way to be in the game is to be on the stadium or to sit in a pub with friends, watching the game on a big screen, but it is not always possible.

Nowadays, every hockey team has its own Twitter account; many of the teams have a very good online text broadcasting for every game they play. So, that is how we came across an idea to build an application that presents two Twitter timelines at once with additional features:

  • Today games screen (right side) presents all games that were scheduled for a specific date with the ability to quick set Twitter timelines and read about a game
  • Set any date for the Games calendar
  • A chance to show up on KHL TV and Match TV! Write a twit during a game with proper hashtags
  • You never miss an interesting game with the Reminders integration feature
  • Moreover, you are able to set up Twitter timelines manually, so it is compatible not only with KHL.


As it is our own product, we were totally free to choose any interesting technology or service and get new experience as additional project outcome. We decided to use Swift 2 as a programming language, Fabric frameworks suite for Twitter SDK integration and Backendless service as a backend.

Swift 2 was chosen to study the newest version of this new programming language provided by Apple with a real project.

Fabric suite was the only option for integration with Twitter SDK as it was developed by Twitter. Besides, it provided additional tools & SDKs: for example, Crashlytics and Answers; thus, it was convenient to integrate one suite and get many features for free.

Backendless is a very interesting and feature-rich service that provides not only a data storage but also many other useful services (media streaming, file management, geolocation, push notifications etc.). Moreover, it provides SDKs for all modern and popular platforms and programming languages. Specifically, for this project, we were going to use the data storage only (at least for a first release), but it was a good chance to take a closer look at Backendless SDK and dashboard.

We used the Apple TestFlight service for test build distribution for external testers.

DoubleT for KHL case study on

Results / Benefits

Our fans use the app and are very happy about it (btw, the developer of the app is a big fan of hockey). We have gained new experience in using Backendless service & SDK and found it very mature and useful. Swift 2 is a very promising language, it is cleaner than old good Objective-C, but we came across some technical issues with supporting iOS versions prior to 8.0 — thus, a decision about using Swift in other projects should be reasoned.


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