Cinema Content Manager

Cinema Content Manager


Our сustomer is a web design company that provides a wide range of services in Western Europe and the UK. Its main specialities are web applications and websites, mobile apps, high availability hosting, CRM systems, CMS, online booking & ticketing, and online marketing.

One of the customer’s focuses is providing an information service to cinemas (more than 2000 screens around the country). 


The customer’s team had been using old Cinema maintenance toolset to input and edit cinema programs under old versions of Windows (Win95). There was a need to upgrade this application using modern cross-platform technologies.

The idea was to create a web application so that the users could launch it through the installed web browser on any modern computer, no matter which platform it uses. The main requirements for the new application were:

  • ease of use
  • fast response time
  • fault tolerance
  • multi-user capability
  • using the specific technology that belongs to the core knowledge of the customer
  • maintainability.

Another important requirement was that user interface, functionality and navigation of the new application should be as close to the old application as possible.


The customer provided the database structure and a sample of cinema content. The first stage was to create the back-end layer for communication between the database and the end user interface. PHP engine allowed implementing such layer quickly with user authorisation and flexible requests.

On the next stage, we created a web application — a set of HTML pages with JavaScript that allowed navigating between different screens and operating with data. End users could launch the application in any browser by going to a specific URL.

Using Sencha ExtJS library allowed keeping the original look & feel of the old application.

The following functionality of the old application was reconstructed in the new tool:

  • logging in with different permissions
  • choosing cities, branches, cinema groups
  • selecting and  displaying cinemas/screens with different attributes
  • entering and editing programs for chosen cinema/screen with a pretty functional tool (with an expandable set of weeks, days and performance times)
  • search for films, cinemas
  • predictable input while entering data
  • several windows with detailed information about screens/ films

The new web application also allows users to create different kinds of reports.

Results / Benefits

The customer got a new tool — fault-tolerant, with low response time and efficient UI similar to the old application. The new application allows the customer’s team to efficiently input and edit cinema programs on any computer without additional restrictions for hardware or environment.


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