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Arcadia Exhibited at the DIA 2020 Global Annual Meeting
June 29, 2020
Due to the global pandemic, the meeting was held virtually from June 14 to 18, 2020. The outcome was impressively positive; new important connections were established.
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OCR Pipeline for Document Processing
June 10, 2020
An example of a system for transferring text from paper documents into electronic form: (1) the selection of areas with text on scans of documents, and (2) character recognition.
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Role of Custom Software Development in Global Medical Safety
June 01, 2020
The speed of clinical trials depends largely on efficient custom software development for database and application design as supported by Arcadia.
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Crash Course: Create Your Own Instagram or Facebook Effect
May 26, 2020
Instagram/Facebook effects (face filters, masks) are usually used to entertain people, but they can also be a marketing tool. Our guide covers the entire process from creation to distribution.
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Accessible Design for Users with Disabilities
May 13, 2020
How to apply the principles of accessibility during application development. The main tasks are to clearly understand the basics, set the right goals and implement them.
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Improving Excel Calculation Performance in C#
April 28, 2020
Suppose we need an application using Excel to improve communication between the company and its clients. We investigate a new approach to improve Excel calculation performance.
Arcadia Works During COVID-19 Quarantine
April 03, 2020
We continue working to serve our clients' needs. Almost all our employees work remotely; few system administrators stay in the office to maintain our IT-infrastracture.
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From SCORM to CMI5: the Evolution of eLearning Standards
March 31, 2020
In this article, we focus on the evolution of e-learning standards and technologies that are now being used by LMS programmers: xAPI, SCORM and others.
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Arcadia Stresses the Importance of Distance Learning
March 27, 2020
During these uncertain times, people all around the world are encouraged or required to work from home. Students alike are required to work in remote mode using distance learning platforms.
Arcadia Took Part in the Roundtable Discussions on Promoting IT Services
March 03, 2020
Our Technical Director Dmitri Adov shared Arcadia's experience of entering software development services market in Germany on a roundtable dedicated to promotion of IT services exports.
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Arcadia Highlights the Need for Accessible Applications and WCAG 2.0 / 2.1 Compliance
February 25, 2020
With solid experience in building accessible applications, Arcadia is committed to making the world of digital learning attainable to all people, including those with disabilities.
Press Releases
Arcadia at LearnTec 2020 — LTI and OneRoster Standards Took the Center Stage
February 13, 2020
As an international leader in e-learning custom solutions, we presented our experience in integrating LTI and OneRoster standards for learning management systems at LearnTec in January 2020.
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