Finnish Students Visited Arcadia

A group of students from Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences visited Arcadia during their study tour to St. Petersburg. Arcadia became part of the learning process for the future managers and executives, helping them to get a general picture of Russian business.

As usual, we presented to the group Arcadia's history and software development business, samples of successful projects, challenges of offshore development and solutions to them. A great part of the presentation is dedicated to cultural issues: working in distributed international teams for 20 years, Arcadia accumulated a great experience in coping with cross-cultural differences, misunderstandings, and conflicts. After some theory and analysis of real cases, the students get a good start for further observations during their educational trip: finding similarities and differences in behaviors of people from different cultures and professional areas.

Arcadia Inc. has been co-operating with the Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (until August 2008—EVTEK) since 2004. Twice a year, a group of students comes to St. Petersburg to have a close look at Russian life, culture, and business. They visit a number of Russian companies, go sightseeing and get to know a megalopolis with the population numbers comparable to the whole Finland (4.9 mln and 5.4 mln respectively). The group usually consists of Finnish students and exchange students from other countries all over the world. Five years ago, the group was just 14 students, and this time they were 42: the head of the group, Olli Hämäläinen, confessed that the trip became so popular that the group cannot accept all applicants.

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