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Arcadia Global Group Of Companies

Arcadia Global helped make these visions a reality by pioneering the outsourcing of semiconductor assembly and test services. Today, Arcadia Global is a strategic contract manufacturing resource for many of the world's leading semiconductor companies. We have developed unique expertise in high-volume manufacturing techniques and have diversified and expanded our operational scope by establishing production centers in strategic locations throughout Asia.

Arcadia Global collaborates with customers and leading OEMs to develop comprehensive package solutions that make it easier for next-generation semiconductors to be designed into next-generation end products. By sharing device, package and product roadmaps we enable our customers  and their customers to accelerate the development and deployment of new microelectronic applications.







ISE Materials Sdn Bhd

ISE Materials Sdn Bhd (ISEM) was established on year 2002 to transfer high end state of the art equipment technology from overseas countries like United States Of America, Japan, Europe, Korea and Taiwan. ISE Materials start of with representation of marketing expertise for Samsung Electronics Korea on Multi Layer Boards which is widely use in all products that required memory storage like Personal Computers, Digital Camera, MP 3 Player and others. Currently ISEM has gathered enough expertise and resources to work with its partners from oversea to transfer the technologies for development of high end semiconductor equipments to Malaysia. ISEM secures the right to build the latest state of the art Vision Inspection Systems that replaces human inspections which is not economical in most countries due to continuous reduction of selling price. Other than labor cost, human inconsistency in quality, judgment and productivity is the major set back in delivering high end quality products to end user customers economically and timely.

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